Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation

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Research Article - Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Tritium In Human Urine In The Areas Of Nuclear Enterprises In The Urals.

A study of human urine taken from the subjects living in the impact zone of Beloyarskaya Nuclear Power Station (the town Zarechny) was carried out. In all the cases the dependence of tritium concentration in the urine on the tritium concentration in the drinking water was revealed. A highly valid correlation relationship was established between the parameters under study (the correlation coefficient was 0.98, with the significance level being 0.007). The values of individual doses for the population were calculated. The values for the doses varied in the range of 0.32-1.2, taking into account the fresh water consumption of 100 l/month (according to the norms of the drinking water consumption for the region under study), which amounted to 0.032- 0.12% of the dose limit for the population (1 mSv/year). The radionuclide entering the organism of the people living in the given region was established to predominantly originate from the drinking water. The obtained values were considerably lower than the action level for tritium given in the Radiation Safety Standards-99/2009, its value being 7600 Bq/l.

Author(s): M Chebotina, L Bondareva*, N Fedorova, V Rakitskii

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