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Review Article - Journal of Pain Management and Therapy (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

The role of early pain management referral in the oncology population.

Background: Inadequately managed pain in the oncology patient is common occurrence that should not be accepted as the norm. A literature review has uncovered the need to address and control this issue. Facilitating an early partnership between oncology and pain management has proven beneficial for quality-of-life indicators, exclusively in adult oncology management. By providing a team-based approach to care, oncology patients can become mutual decision-makers and drivers of their healthcare trajectory.

Purpose: To determine the impact of early referral to pain management specialists compared to oncology managed pain control.

Method: Oncology patients with cancer-related pain completed the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) (Short Form) pain diary during their initial consultation and with subsequent routine follow-up visits with a pain management specialist. At least three months of data were collected on each participant.

Results: A total of four patients were included in this study. Requirements included an active therapy plan of radiation and/or chemotherapy. Each participant consistently rated improvements in metrics of pain, mood, and sleep by the end of the data collection timeframe.

Conclusion: Integrating a pain management consultation within routine oncology care was shown to improve pain management in the four participants by means of properly addressing pain and providing additional means of support during their cancer journey.

Author(s): Michelle L. Hulman*

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