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Opinion Article P.1-2

A brief research on Trigeminal Neuralgia by the scientists.

Author(s): Sapphire Carroll*


Review Article P.1-4

Choice and optimization of therapy for pain associated with chronic vascular ulcers.

Author(s): Gaia Degli Angeli, Greta Loss, Myriam Maritan, Rolando Tasinato*, Sebastiano Antonio Pillirone

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Commentary P.1-2

Management of Orofacial pain in people suffering from it.

Author(s): Alice Berry*


Commentary P.1-1

Oxycodone HydromorPhon Constipation

Author(s): Wojciech Leppert

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Commentary P.1-1

Regenerative Medicinal Drug Researchers

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Mirjalili

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Opinion Article P.1--1

Drug Administration Warned of Significant Health Risks

Author(s): Christopher W. Cunningham

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Editorial P.1-1

Disease Geriatric Psychiatrist In Medical Specializes

Author(s): Gasser Jacques

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Abstract P.1-1

A review of Proximal Hamstrings injuries in Football players

Author(s): Richa Arun Kulkarni

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Editorial P.1-1

Recent trends in pain management and therapy

Author(s): Farnad Imani

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