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Commentary - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2022) Volume 6, Issue 6

The Need for an Ethnomedical Science: Comparatively speaking, the study of medical systems has significant ramifications for the social and biological sciences.

The field of study known as ethnomedicine encompasses theoretical issues that are pertinent to both social and biological disciplines. The main focus of ethnomedicine is the relationship that exists between illness, social behaviour, and human adaptation. This relationship is looked at in the context of man's distinctive capacity for culture and symbolism. Since ethnomedical generalisations describe how social groups approach a common condition, they can be used to analyse current issues with medical practise and structure as well as issues arising from the interactions between the medical system and other subsystems in the group. This reframe of current social issues may aid in illuminating their causes and origins. Ethnomedicine can also be useful in concentrating on the core characteristics of human disease.

Author(s): Monika Sofia

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