Biology & Medicine Case Reports

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Editorial Board Members

  • Satoru Okamoto, Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering,Shimane University,Japan.
  • Cinzia Casu, President of AIRO,Private Dental Practice,Firenze 7 Cagliari,Italy
  • Ira S. Richards, Professor,Colleges of Public Health and Medicine ,University of South Florida,USA
  • Marinella Scarpante, Professor,Department of Design and Interior Architecture,Italy.
  • Igor Klepikov, Lead Pediatric Surgeon,Dana Childrens Hospital,Sourasky Medical Center,USA.
  • Sangeeta Singg, Professor,Department of Psychology, Angelo State University, USA.
  • Dominic Adam Worku, Medial doctor at University Hospital of Wales,UK
  • Tarik Kivrak, Professor,Department of Cardiology, Firat University Hospital,Turkey.
  • Vural Fidan, Professor,Department of Otorhinolaryngology,Yunus Emre Gov Hosp,Turkey.
  • Fazly Yanyk, Professor, Department of Thoracic Surgery,Trakya University, Turkey.
  • Vladimir A. Shchurov, Professor,Department of correction of deformities of limb lengthening,Russian scientific center,Russia
  • Silvia Bartollino, Researcher, Department of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Molise,Italy.
  • Filip Nina, Professor,Department of Biochemistry,University of Medicine and Pharmacy,Romania
  • Joao Eustaquio Antunes, Professor, Department of Chemistry,Federal University of Ouro Preto,brazil.
  • Henrique Mansur Gonçalves, Profssor, Department of Medicine,Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.
  • Snehangsu Sinha, Teaching Associate,Department of Anatomy,College of Veterinary Science,India
  • Uzma Ahmad, Professor,Department of Zoology,Aligarh Muslim University,India.
  • Ajai Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor,Post Graduate Department of Zoology,Mumbai University,India
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