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Perspective - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2022) Volume 6, Issue 11

The impacts of brand awareness on consumersÂ’ cognitive method: An event-associated potential take a look on it.

Buy intention has become a critical trouble to the marketers of smartphones as the market has grown to be very competitive, risky, uncertain and dynamic during Covid-19 than ever before. For maintaining in the aggressive marketplace, each marketer is attempting to improve its product look, product nice, provider high-quality, appealing features, and cutting-edge model of software program as a whole. This take a look at has investigated the effects of product capabilities, logo picture, product rate, and social influences on young clients' purchase goal of telephone throughout this Covid-19 pandemic time. Survey turned into conducted the usage of established questionnaire by means of gathering records from 305 respondents by the usage of convenience sampling approach.

Author(s): Rakib Khan

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