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Perspective - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2022) Volume 6, Issue 11

The impacts of brand awareness on consumers’ cognitive method: An event-associated potential take a look on it.

Rakib Khan*

Department of Marketing, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur, Bangladesh

*Corresponding Author:
Rakib Khan
Department of Marketing
Begum Rokeya University
Rangpur, Bangladesh

Received: 01-Nov-2022, Manuscript No.AAJFM-22-78463; Editor assigned: 03-Nov-2022, PreQC No.AAJFM-22-78463(PQ); Reviewed: 17-Nov-2022, QC No.AAJFM-22-78463; Revised: 21-Nov-2022, Manuscript No.AAJFM-22-78463(R); Published: 28-Nov-2022, DOI: 10.35841/aajfm-6.11.155

Citation: Khan R. The impacts of brand awareness on consumers’ cognitive method: An event-associated potential take a look on it. J Fin Mark. 2022;6(11):155

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Buy intention has become a critical trouble to the marketers of smartphones as the market has grown to be very competitive, risky, uncertain and dynamic during Covid-19 than ever before. For maintaining in the aggressive marketplace, each marketer is attempting to improve its product look, product nice, provider high-quality, appealing features, and cutting-edge model of software program as a whole. This take a look at has investigated the effects of product capabilities, logo picture, product rate, and social influences on young clients' purchase goal of telephone throughout this Covid-19 pandemic time. Survey turned into conducted the usage of established questionnaire by means of gathering records from 305 respondents by the usage of convenience sampling approach.


Consumers, Marketers, Product.


Statistical package for the Social Sciences included with AMOS turned into employed for statistics analysis. Cronbach's alpha, composite reliability and average variance extracted had been used to check the reliability and validity of the accrued information even as hypotheses have been examined by way of the usage of Structural equation modelling (SEM). The findings of the study suggests that, there may be a considerable impact of product functions, emblem photo, and product rate on buy goal of a cell phone however social affects has no significant effect on younger customers' buy goal. The have a look at outcomes will assist the phone marketers to remodel their pandemic and post pandemic segmenting, targeting, differentiation and positioning techniques. Sensible and managerial implications alongside the destiny research directions had been discussed on the stop of this paper also [1].

In performing this examine both qualitative and quantitative strategies have been used by the researchers. Each number one and secondary sources of statistics were used for conducting this observes. The researchers have accumulated facts from various famed nearby and worldwide journals, exceptional newspapers, and net-sites and by using survey thru self-administered questionnaire when direct head to head communique with younger respondents of the northern location of Bangladesh turned into made through the studies buddies (facts collector).brand awareness plays an critical role in most factors of advertising and marketing. However, consumers’ cognitive system of emblem focus, which performs a vital function in purchase choice or product utilization reviews, remains unclear inside the mind [2]. The usage of occasionrelated potentials, the influences of two distinctive logo consciousness’s on customers’ cognitive method becomes investigated. Telephone pictures with high or low brand recognition and lady pictures had been used to perform this experiment studies. An amended oddball undertaking became designed in which female pictures have been taken as target stimuli, and phone images have been taken as non-target stimuli. Subjects were asked to perceive the lady pix. Smaller ERPs components N2 and P3 together with excessive logo cognizance phone images were determined in comparison to the low logo recognition ones [3].

The amplitude variant in N2 and P3 indicated that the cognitive technique of identity and interest distribution were modified together with the value of emblem awareness, which meant customers could allocate extraordinary interest assets to differentiate excessive or low logo focus product unconsciously. This can indicate the identity and attention distribution as a result of emblem recognition can be detected via N2 and P3, and event-related potentials technique can be a sensitive dimension approach for emblem attention [4].

The critical stimuli were stunning female pictures, two classes of colourful cell phone photos. In step with the Chinese cellular phone brand reputation report 2018, two smartphone manufacturers with one of a kind emblem consciousness were chosen on this look at. The excessive logo focus index becomes 5.46, and the low one turned into 2.71. Subjects pronounced that they'd heard of the cell phone manufacturers before the test.16 proper-handed college college students (8 male and 8 girls; suggest age 25.6±2.8 years) were recruited. All subjects stated normal or corrected-to-regular imaginative and prescient. All of them were freed from neurological or psychiatric contamination, head trauma, or drug abuse. Written knowledgeable consent changed into received from every difficulty consistent with the local medical ethics committee. Topics acquired a small gift as compensation after the test [5].

Subjects wore a 32 channel electroencephalogram at some point of their consultation, with electrodes located the use of the global 10/20 device to record after which estimate the ERPs. The electrodes had been referenced to the left mastoid. All electrodes’ impedance was saved under 5 okay Ω. Vertical eye actions were monitored with electrodes positioned at once under the left eye, and horizontal eye moves had been monitored with electrodes placed on the outer canthi of the right eye. Electrode recordings have been gathered with the aid of Nuamps amplifiers with a band-skip of 0.01 a hundred Hz, a pattern charge of one thousand Hz. Offline information become processed the use of Curry 7.0 SBA.


The dataset with more than 6% of the rigors rejected changed into excluded from in addition analysis. ERPs were segmented into time locked epoches the use of the photo onset as a reference. The period of the time window become 1000ms from two hundred ms earlier than photograph onset to 800ms after it (baseline=200ms). The averages in keeping with channel have been low-skip filtered through 50 Hz (24 dB/ octave) and were computed on the premise of the EEG elicited in response to brand with special cognizance index the usage of inside-situation repeated-measures evaluation of variance.


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