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Short Article - Archives of Industrial Biotechnology (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Surface-engineered lanthanide cation-doped γ-maghemite nanoparticles (nps) - innovative nps functionalization/nanoscale drug delivery for effective anti-leishmania bioactivity

Iron chemical compound (FexOy) nanoparticles (NPs) ar wide utilized in varied biotechnology applications (magnetismdriven cell separation/cell following, magnetic field-guided drug/gene delivery, non-invasive tissue tomography, anti-cancer hyperthermia). however serious drawbacks like difficult prejudicious NPs aggregation and controlled NPs surface functionalization skillfulness request quite innovative solutions. Our recent R&D add this field junction rectifier to the invention of a unique method/concept for promoting (i) the effective anti-aggregation management of five.0-6.5 nm-sized hydrophilic -Fe2?super-paramagnetic maghemite ( O3 ) NPs, and (ii) its flourishing use for NPs functionalization/versatile NPs surface engineering toward siRNA-mediated factor delivery/silencing cancer/anti-parasitic therapy-relevant applications. Such AN innovative multi-parametric NPs surface engineering methodology exploits each globally optimized controlled style Of Experiment (DoE) (i) highpower ultrasound (US)-assisted rare earth metal Ce(III/IV) cation/complex doping, and (ii) polymer/small ligandbased NPs surface engineering towards innovative drug deliveryrelating maghemite NPs. apparently, this powerful important first step Ce3/4+ cation/complex-doping method enabled a good extremely charge management of problematic NPs aggregation and full NPs water compatibility for a good vary of biological applications. Quite considerably, it additionally allows the effective development of versatile surface engineering coordinating linkages/chemistries victimisation wellknown effective Ce3/4+Ln cation/complex-based coordination capabilities via any potential Lewis basis biomolecule/ organic species (hyaluronic/alginic acids, 25kDa branched polyethyleneimine (25bPEI), anti-Leishmania Pentamidine (Pent) drug, etc.…) coinciding valence binding. This versatile DoE-globally optimized NPs surface -Fe2?engineering enabled the invention of specifically DoEoptimized surface-chemically changed hybrid Pentamidinecontaining practical O3 NPs that disclosed extremely powerful anti-parasitic (anti-Leishmania) bioactivity (both in vitro/in vivo effectiveness).

Author(s): Lellouche J P

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