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Case Report - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2024) Volume 8, Issue 1

Study of pachymetry and iridocorneal angle in patients with chronic glaucoma: About 111 cases at the niamey national hospital in niger.

Introduction: The aim of our study was to evaluate the central corneal thickness and the iridocorneal angle in glaucoma patients at the Niamey National Hospital. Methodology: This was a prospective descriptive study carried out over 20 months from March 2021 to October 2022 in the ophthalmology department of theNiamey National Hospital.

Results: The hospital prevalence was 1.95%, the average age was 52.48 ± 16.23 years (16-84years). M/F sex ratio 1.38. Age over 40 years was the main risk factor (56.08%). The average ECC was 515.25 ± 40.38 μm. The AIC was completely open in 98.20% of cases.Goniosynechia represented 6.75% of anomalies. The types of glaucoma encountered were as follows: POAG 90%, GSAO 8%, and GCFA 2%.

Conclusion: Despite the predominance of POAG, particular attention must be paid to other types of glaucoma. The corneal thinness found in this study calls for early detection strategies for glaucomatous disease.

Author(s): Abba Kaka HY, Amoumoune GS, Nouhou Diori A, Amza A, Laminou L, Traore H

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