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Review Article - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2020) Volume 3, Issue 5

Robert to transfer the nerve signals from thebrain to the prostheses

Current treatment of upper limb amputation restores some degree of functional ability, butthis ability falls far below the standard set by the natural arm. Although acceptance ratescan be high when patients are highly motivated and receive proper training and care,current prostheses often fail to meet the daily needs of amputees and frequently areabandoned. Recent advancements in science and technology have led to promising methods of accessing neural information for communication or control. Researchers haveexplored invasive and noninvasive methods of connecting with muscles, nerves, or thebrain to provide increased functionality for patients experiencingdisease or injury,including amputation. These techniques offer hope of more natural and intuitiveprosthesis control, and therefore increased quality of life for amputees. In this review, wediscuss the current state of the art of neural interfaces, particularly those that may findapplication within the prosthetics field. PM R 2011;3:55-67

Author(s): Engineer Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed Ahmed Khalil

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