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Articles in Press

2021: Volume 5, Issue 1

Research Article P.1-4

Carbon- based nanomaterials impacting in neuroscience.

Author(s): A Mohamed Sikkander, Heba S. Abbas, K.Kavitha, S.Sasikala, Khadeeja Yasmeen

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2021: Volume 4, Issue 3
2021: Volume 4, Issue 2

Review Article P.1-3

Nanobiosensors impacting medicinal electronics

Author(s): Mohamed Sikkander

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Review Article P.1-3

Biosensors for pathogens diagnosis

Author(s): Mohamed Sikkander, Heba S. Abbas

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2021: Volume 4, Issue 1

Research Article P.1-5

Charecterization of bacterial culture on ZnO and Pb (NO3)2 nanopasrticles

Author(s): A. Mohamed Sikkander, Khadeeja Yasmeen

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Review Article P.10-17

Nano toxicological studies of metallic oxide nanoparticles (zno, pb (no3)2)

Author(s): A. Mohamed Sikkander

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Research Article P.1-3

Characterization study of cellulose (CEL) + plasticizer PEG added LDPE bio composite.

Author(s): Amit L Gadre, Ganesh R Yerawar, Manish C Golchha and Vijaya Sangawar4

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2020: Volume 3, Issue 3

Editorial P.1-1

Editorial note

Author(s): Editor

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2020: Volume 3, Issue 6

Short Communication P.1-1

Thermal Hydrogen: An Emissions Free Hydrocarbon Economy

Author(s): Jared Moore


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