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Research Article - Journal of Finance and Marketing (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Rice supply chain using lindo method at serang city, banten, indonesia

This research uses descriptive analysis method. The descriptive method of analysis is
strengthened by observation and survey. This research uses non probability sampling sampling
method, that is judgment sampling. The sampling technique was chosen to obtain sampling units
that had the desired characteristics and snowball sampling aimed to determine the information
of the respondents. Data analysis techniques using Linear Interactive and Discrete Optimize
(LINDO). Linear Interactive and Discrete Optimizer is an interactive programming package
of linear, quadratic and integral programs. The results showed that : Based on the calculation
of sensitivity analysis using LINDO, the allocation of rice from the sender to RTC Market,
wholesalers in Market of Lama, big trader of Kec Cipocok and big traders of Kec Walantaka
will not experience any change in allocations even though the costs required to supply rice have
increased, The highest coefficient on the LINDO result is in variable X2,9 of Rp. 400, - with the
aim of supply, a wholesaler of RTC Market - the retailer of Serang District. The lowest coefficient
is in variable X4,15 of Rp. 93, - occurred at the destination supply of large traders Cipocok
District - retailer Cipocok

Author(s): Aliudin*, Setiawan Sariyoga, Septian Tirta Cahyadi

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