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Case Report - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2018) Volume 0, Issue 0

Regenerative treatment of periodontitis using diode laser: Case study

Introduction: Regenerative treatment aimed to restore tooth supporting structure and its functional attachment through regeneration of cementum, periodontal ligaments and surrounding alveolar bone. Diode laser 940 nm wavelength has the potential to act as antibacterial and enhances wound healing. Material and methods: Case one; 30 years old male having infra bony pocket about (10-13 mm depth) at 16, 17, 26, 27, 36, 37, 46 and 37. The treatment was done by using 940 nm wavelength diode lasers; the output power was 800 mw, 50% Duty cycle in pulsed mode. Energy was delivered through optical fibre 300 um in diameter for 20s exposure time at each site of the pocket. The treatment period was three months’ time with weekly recall. Case two; 39 year old male with tilted 36, 37 (a pocket depth of 13 mm at tooth number 36-37) was treated by the same previously method and dose parameter for one month weekly recall.

Results: Restoring the periodontal support of teeth was clear with the stimulation of bone formation surrounding each affected tooth clinically through the absence of the pain and bleeding on probing symptoms. Moreover there was decreasing of the pocket depth which was measured by pocket measuring probe, intraoral X-ray and Orthopantamogram was used pre and post treatment.

Conclusion: 940 nm wavelength diode lasers is an efficient tool to treat periodontal pocket and stimulates bone growth, and cementum formation when right parameters were applied.

Author(s): Balsam Mirdan and Asseel Rashid

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