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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Regenerative Care for Diabetic Wounds

 The history of Wound management over 4000 years have been consisted of providing “in situ milieu” care in wounds, through intense interventions - surgical , medical and local dressings& devices such as negative suctions etc. The “Regenerative Care” with Platelet rich plasma (PRP) based on triggering and assisting the skin regenerations in wounds from the skin margins. At our centre it has been developed as comprehensive solution (STARS Therapy) for treatment of different types of wounds. Methods: 102 wounds / ulcers were treated between Jan 2015- Dec 2019, in patients having Diabetes. All were chronic non-healing ulcers with mean duration of 3.5 months; ranging from 7.2 years to 23 days, before starting of Regenerative Care. Out of these 89 were chronic infected ulcers and 25 associated with gangrenes. we present the clinical outcome of this therapy in different types of wounds. The underwent treatment as per the STARS therapy Protocol. Results: The results reveal a complete healing with filling up of defects; excellent control of infection and good pain control. The average healing rate was 1.2mm /day. There were no major complications / adverse events observed. A recurrence was noted in 5 Patients and new wounds in 11 patients.The additional benefits seen is “limitation” of damages per se by regeneration in necrotic and devitalised tissues such as skins, tendons, muscles and bones. This Regenerative wound care is exclusive and no Drugs, Reconstructive Surgery, intense dressings is needed (except in very few cases). The Blood sugar levels have not effected the outcomes. The regenerative care with STARS protocol has opened up newer avenues & hopes in Diabetic wounds taking the wound care to perhaps next levels. Conclusions: The “Regenerative Care in wound management” is propagated through a mono therapy with PRP, based on triggering and assisting the skin regenerations in wounds through “STARS therapy”. It is a Game Changer solution built for wound management based on 21st Century advances on biologics and Cellular therapy

Author(s): Sandeep Shrivastava

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