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Research Article - Journal of Mental Health and Aging (2021) Volume 5, Issue 6

Reforma psiquiatrica com interface no cuidado ao usuario na atencao primaria: fluxos, rede de peticao e compromissso do enfermeiro na estrategia saude da familia.

The Psychiatric Reform that took place in the 1970s was consolidated as one of the great milestones with regard to the development of new paradigms in the field of Mental Health. The objective was to analyze how the psychiatric reform produces user care in primary care, indicating the flows, petition network and the nurse's commitment to the family health strategy. This is a qualitative study, in which it is possible to know a phenomenon in the context in which it happens and of which it is a member, capturing the events in research from the understanding of the subjects involved, considering all relevant opinions. The techniques and instruments for collecting the narratives arising from the interviews were carried out with professionals from two Basic Health Units (UBS), with four professionals belonging to one of the health units, and two professionals from another UBS that work as a model post. According to the data obtained, professionals point out that care, even with the psychiatric reform, leaves gaps in mental health care in relation to structures, inputs. Through comprehensiveness, the professionals' vision can be expanded so that they can try to reach the variables and different social contexts of health, linking with the subjects who live there, so that they feel valued and thus build a bond with the professionals who assist them individually and collectively. Continuing education and matrix support are ways to improve permanent education actions and mental health practices, because when they are articulated, they provide necessary subsidies for interdisciplinarity and integrality in the context of the territory's needs, generating repercussions on the population's health and on professional practices. It is concluded that the Psychiatric Reform brought a new form of health care at all levels of health care.

Author(s): Maria Salete Bessa Jorge

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