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Short Article - Archives of Industrial Biotechnology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 2

Proteolytic enzymes in the pathogenesis of the influenza virus

The interaction of the virus and the cell is a single whole, which is a combination of the internal relations of two opposite principles.The final result of this interaction is genetically determined by both the host and the pathogen and depends on the regulation of both the process of viral reproduction and the body's defenses.The balance between these processes determines the outcome of the interaction, the result of which may be the death of the owner, his full recovery or the formation of a chronic form of infection Deproteinization of a flu virus is necessary for its penetration into a cell and this occurs for the account of trypsin-like proteinases of the host’s cell (1,3,7,8). We assumed that this enzyme has an important role in morphogenesis of flu virus and considerably defines its pathogenic and virulent properties. (5,6)

Keywords: virus grippa, tripsino-Like proteinase, ingibitor

Author(s): Valentina Divocha

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