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Research Article - Journal of Mental Health and Aging (2023) Volume 7, Issue 5

Predictors of Geriatric Sociability, Loneliness and Depression in the Maldives

Approximately 15% of the elderly population is estimated to suffer from a mental disorder that can be addressed through early diagnosis and interventions. This paper aimed to assess the predictors of loneliness, depression and social isolation using data from 312 older adults in Maldives. Three distinct multiple linear regression models were fitted to each mental health indicator. A statistically significant association was observed among loneliness, depression and sociability. The majority of the Maldivian elderly were social, suffered mild levels of depression and low levels of loneliness. The Maldivian concept of free-living older citizens with close proximity to their families as opposed to the concept of elderly in nursing homes apart from families may have contributed to this ideal depiction. Due to the observed multicollinearity, the design of geriatric health policies, care strategies and response interventions for the elderly need to target all three mental health indicators together

Author(s): Zahudha A Azeez, Mariyam Suzana

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