Journal of Nutrition and Human Health

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Review Article - Journal of Nutrition and Human Health (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

Practice of dieting and its complications among the females

This research study was primarily aimed to examine the perception of female society about the practice of dieting and its complications. Twenty (20) females were randomly taken as sample of the study from the different departments of Gomal University KP Pakistan. For the collection of data, the researcher developed a closed form of questionnaire. The developed questionnaire was personally distributed by the researcher among the respondents and collected back after getting it filled by the respondents. The collected data were tabulated and analyzed by using percentage as a statistical tool. After analysis, the researcher arrived at conclusion that due to unfamiliarity with dieting practice, many females may lead to different health complications.

Author(s): Alamgir Khan1*, Salahuddin Khan1, Syed Zia-ul-Islam1, Dilabaz Khan2, Dilabaz Khan3, Manzoor Khan4

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