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Review Article - Research and Reports in Immunology (2018) Volume 0, Issue 0

Potential role of a recently-discovered biologic HDFx in prevention and treatment of deadly communicable diseases brought to Western societies: A wake-up call

Currently, Western societies are under a clear assault from the migration of undocumentedillegal people, who are bringing, in many cases, contagious diseases that were eliminated in their countries until very recently. This migration of millions of diseased individuals to the USA and elsewhere has overburdened the healthcare systems, infected thousands of people and their children, and cost millions of dollars per year. This situation clearly represents “a present and clear danger”. If new drugs/vaccines are not designed to combat many of the drugresistant illnesses (e.g. TB, avian flus), now being brought to Western societies, this could result in numerous worldwide plagues, potentially resulting in the deaths of millions of people, and susceptible children, as the current healthcare systems would not be able to handle such huge numbers of infected individuals. Having such a disastrous situation in mind, our laboratories have been working on a new approach to the prevention and treatment of multiple diseases. We have discovered a new, indigenous biologic host-defense molecule which we have termed “HDFx”. HDFx is a conserved protein found in every mammalian species investigated so far, and in addition, it accelerates wound healing. We have found that “HDFx” is protective (to different degrees) against a variety of insults ranging from hemorrhage, trauma, endotoxins, numerous bacteria, toxic fungal microorganisms, and combined injuries to septic shock. A major component of most infectious diseases is the release into the blood stream of numerous, dangerous cytokines (i.e. “cytokine storm”), which HDFx can either prevent or ameliorate in experimental animals subjected to diverse endotoxins, fungi and bacteria.

Author(s): Burton M. Altura

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