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Commentary - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

Paediatric orbital tumours in Upper Egypt: A 3-year retrospective analysis at a university hospital.

Purpose: To evaluate the relative frequencies, clinical profile, and treatment outcomes of paediatric orbital tumours in Upper Egypt. Materials and Methods: In a retrospective, non-comparative, case series study, the authors reviewed the medical records of all children evaluated at Sohag University Hospital, from September 2014 till August 2017, with the diagnosis of orbital tumours and tumour-like lesions. The final diagnosis in each case was established by a combination of history, ophthalmic examination findings, imaging studies, and histopathologic examination if biopsy was performed. Results: A total of 92 orbital lesions were included in this study, which were classified into the following major categories: Cystic (28 cases, 30.4%), vascular (13 cases, 14.1%), Lipomatous (10 cases, 10.9%), inflammatory (9 cases, 9.8%), neurogenic (7 cases, 7.6%), lymphoid/leukemic (6 cases, 6.5%), myogenic (5 cases, 5.4%), lacrimal gland (5 cases, 5.4%), secondary (4 cases, 4.3%), metastatic (3 cases, 3.3%), and histiocytic (2 cases, 2.2%) orbital lesions in order of frequency. The clinical features and treatment outcomes of these lesions will be discussed. Conclusion: A variety of benign and malignant paediatric orbital tumours may be seen in clinical practice. Management of these tumours requires a multidisciplinary approach. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment provide good cosmetic and functional results, and prevent visual loss in the majority of those children.

Author(s): Ahmad Mostafa Abdallah, Mohamed Anber Abdellatif, Ashraf Mostafa Elhwary, Amin Abuali Hassan, Ahmed Gad Kamel, Islam Saad El Saman, Islam Awny Ahmad

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