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Research Article - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2017) Volume 0, Issue 0

Orofacial bone complications in thalassemic children associated with cephalometric evaluation

Introduction: Beta Thalassemia (BT) disorders are characterized by a genetic abnormality in the compound of beta-globin chains, one of the most common hereditary diseases in Turkey and worldwide. Some of the characteristic orofacial complication of BT is associated with bone structure. Material and method: Thalassemic and control groups selected retrospectively from the archives of Dortcelik Pediatric Hospital, Bursa. Cephalometric measurements were used in the current study. All statistical analyses were conducted using student’s-test and Mann-Whitney U test. Results: Significant findings were shorter SNB angles, greater ANB angles, greater condylion to point A sizes, protrusive upper lips, shorter interincisal angles, greater value of wits, shorter interincisial angle, greater U1-NA, shorter anterior face height (NaMe), shorter posterior face height (SGo) are significantly in thalassemic patients (n: 26). All measurements have indicated affected orofacial structure. Conclusions: Orofacial complication due to bone structure development in thalassemic patients is pronounced. Distinct findings are treated by orthodontics. When orofacial intervention is applied, the complications were evaluated. All treatments must be controlled by a hematologist.

Author(s): Murat Tutanc, Elif Guler Kazanc, Tugba Colak, Erhan Yengil

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