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Research Article - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2023) Volume 7, Issue 1


Introduction: COVID-19 pandemic resulted in stringent measures from government of India. Full and partial lockdown were initiated from 22nd March, and 19th May respectively. Ocular trauma is an emergency where timely intervention is imperative for visual outcome. The aim is to study the trend of ocular trauma during COVID period.

Method: This is a prospective hospital based study of 17 referred cases of mechanical ocular trauma during COVID-19 lockdown time at tertiary care hospital. After detailed evaluation, the injuries were classified as per Birmingham trauma terminology classification.

Results: Out of total 17 eyes, 59% were closed globe and 41% had open globe injury. In both the groups, majority of the patients were male (p=1.00). Out of total patients, 71% presented in partial lockdown. In complete lock down 100%, while in partial lockdown, 33.3% were below 18 years. Complete lockdown had 80% open globe while partial lockdown recorded 75% closed globe trauma. Indoor location was noted in 86% of open globe injury while outdoor activities resulted in 60% closed globe trauma. Presentation within 24 hours of trauma was 66.7% in partial lockdown and just 20% in total lockdown.

Conclusion: Through this study, we learn the impact of sudden changes in the environment on human behaviour and society at large. Also, even with such limited numbers of studied subjects, it shows the susceptibility groups to ocular trauma. It also reflects the need for awareness in society regarding problems related to lockdown.

Author(s): Manisha Gupta*

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