Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism

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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Nutrition for Desk Job Workers

 Many of us are often deeply indulged in tv screen, computer screen, mobile screen for variety of reasons such as office work, games, online courses, online conferences, webinars, meetings, marketing, shopping and social media etc. It often results in tiredness in muscles of legs, neck and shoulder and derangedpostures of the body. Many such workers do perceive its damaging impact now or later; many are currently suffering toobut cannot ignore screen work. The presenter tries to draw the attention of desk job workers all around the world for better planning for easy accessibility of nutritious food. Mind mapping and mindful eating can help them to stay healthy and free from nutritional or adrenal insufficiency (chronically fatigued). Exercise is another side of coin if one is nutritious food to balance in the body. The presentation content is focused on to self-identifying the eating behaviour (timing, choice of food source of food (cooked/raw); food cravings and pre or post meal dips.To achieve thisreading and assessing the food labels is easy and effective way for better food choices. Replacing the processed and packaged food with ever ready (stored in suitable place) homemade steamed, boiled, frozen, roasted foods in suitable containers such as sweet potatoes, purees, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds, fruit yoghurts, mouth freshers (combination of aniseeds, misri and coconut shavings). Mastering some cooking skills will add value for easy nutritious meals such as using rainbow foods in one pot meal. Many people are always on hunt on media in search of nutritious food and still uncertain. For their understanding USDA and ICMR- NIN has suggested the ‘Food Plate’. Since climate change has impacted the food supply chain, carbon foot print may be labelled on the food packet in future. Since large segment of our population working in different parts of the world work on the desk hence their nutrition is of utmost important.

Author(s): Anjana Agarwal

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