Journal of Mental Health and Aging

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Short Communication - Journal of Mental Health and Aging (2022) Volume 6, Issue 4

Nursing care for patients with mental illness in acute psychiatric close-observation regions.

In emergency care, patients with mental illnesses are exposed and feel that they are not being treated seriously. Registered nurses must conduct a complete assessment of patients with mental illness, taking into account both the physical and existential dimensions. The study's purpose was to outline Registered Nurses' (RNs) experiences in evaluating patients with mental illness in emergency care. Individual interviews with 28 RNs working in prehospital and in-hospital emergency treatment were conducted. The interviews underwent a descriptive analysis. The layout complied with the COREQ-checklist. A conditional patient evaluation, a challenged professional function, and a limited openness for the patient, each of which had two sub-themes, emerged as the key themes.

Author(s): Ohno Naoki

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