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Short Communication - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

Nano-bio-mining using bacteria to produce nano-minerals.

In this work, we propose to apply TRIZ approach towards use of magnetotactic bacteria for the extraction of the magnetosems naturally produced by these bacteria. More specifically, we suggest to apply the 2nd principle of TRIZ (BioTRIZ) to the specific case of Magnetotactic bacteria: we are theorizing that it could be possible to nurture these bacteria with certain amounts of iron-containing nutrients to come up with magnetosomes of varying, desirable nano sizes. Then the bacteria can be killed and the biologically- formed nano-magnets produced by them can be “taken out”. These nano-size magnets can then be used in various applications, perhaps nanogenerators or the like nano-devices. The idea expressed here has the following novelties: 1. Application of (Bio) TRIZ principles to bio-nanotechnology. 2. Introduction of the new concept of “Nano-bio-mining” where living micro-organisms may be programmed to manufacture Nano-size metallic compounds that, then, can be removed and applied in various applications.

Author(s): Reza Javaherdashti

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