Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism

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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Mythâ?? Fruits Cause Diabetes

Sugar is found naturally in fruit, vegetables and dairy foods, It’s better to eat whole fruit and vegetables. If we eat natural foods like whole fruits and vegetables, we need not count the amount of sugar to be eaten, because remember it is mother nature and mother nature is never wrong Diabetes has become more common in countries among the population where food availability is in plenty. Doctors generally blame or tell their diabetic clients to avoid fruits in case of diabetes. Hence, it is important to understand the relation between diabetes and fruits We talk about Diabetes being genetic, so is really Diabetes genetic. Just as key is necessary to open the lock–similarly for Diabetes to get initiated in the body, at rigger is required. Need to understand if fruits are any where related to Diabetes

Author(s): Vidushi Agrawal

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