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Research Article - Microbiology: Current Research (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Molecular identification of a Begomovirus associated with yellow vein net disease on Malva parviflora L. from india.

Incidence of yellow vein net disease with leaf distortion was observed on Malva parviflora grown as a weed in Barkatullah University campus, Bhopal, India during the rainy session. The begomovirus disease was suspected on the basis of symptomatology and whiteflies insects’ population on the plant. The begomovirus was detected by the PCR with the begomovirus gene specific primers. The begomovirus under study showed highest nucleotide sequence identities and distinct phylogenetic relationships of coat protein gene (CP) with several isolates of Tomato leaf curl Kerala virus (ToLCKeV). This is the first report of ToLCKeV associated with yellow vein net disease on M. parviflora and it is a new host of begomovirus from India.

Author(s): Snehi SK, Parihar SS, Gupta G, Purvia AS, Singh V

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