Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism

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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Meridians Energy Chi Analysis & Alternative Therapy for Balance of Blood Glucose

 Statement of The Problem: in TCM, The 12 meridians Energy Chi has not been measured & analysis accurately & Scientifically before, so most of western people does not believe the existing of meridians chi and does not trust Traditional Chinese Medicine; The pre-diabetes and Diabetes patient get tied of prescription and are looking for alternative therapy, which can be scientifically approved. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: In Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ), There are 12 meridians along whole body and connect with internal organs, They transfer energy chi in & out to regulate human health. Tomii meridians energy chi analysis system can accurately measure the 12 meridians energy chi flow within 10 minutes, and map out the balance, the blockages & the insufficient- excess of each meridian. We selected several high blood glucose (diabetes type 2 ) clients for meridians energy chi analysis and follow up with acupressure, cupping treatments for more than one year. We find that all the diabetes clients are out of balance of spleen Chi. either insufficient or excess ; Some clients shows unbalance of heart chi , liver chi & kidney chi also; We use acupressure, cupping on spleen meridian and some specific acupoits to balance spleen energy. Further more, after a few months treatments, we can bring client’s blood glucose down. Finding: all the pre-diabete & diabetes clients has the similar energy chi flow pattern: Yin-yang no balance; Spleen-Stomach unbalance; Excess or insufficient Spleen & Bladder Energy Chi; Endocrine system Weakness ; the acupressure & cupping etc natural therapy on specific acupoint of spleen meridian can improve spleen chi and balance of blood glucose obviously. Conclusion: 12 Meridians Energy Chi can be measured accurately; Each Meridians Energy chi can be regulated through acupressure, cupping therapy accurately. We can do acupressure, cupping on spleen meridian & specific acupoint to balance blood glucose and to help pre- diabete or diabetes type 2 clients achieve health goal naturally .

Author(s): Guanghuo Lighter Chen

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