Journal of Mental Health and Aging

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Opinion Article - Journal of Mental Health and Aging (2022) Volume 6, Issue 4

Mental health nursing and anxiety: Maintaining homeostasis.

Despite being fragmented, the histories of psychiatry and psychiatric nursing can be linked to early philosophers. The first person to construct a questionnaire for the mentally sick utilising biographical data to establish the appropriate path of psychological treatment and care was Marcus Tullius Cicero in particular. In the Middle East, during the eighth century, some of the earliest known facilities for mental health treatment were built. For diagnosis and treatment, Muslim doctors of the mediaeval era relied on clinical observations. Psychiatric hospitals were constructed in 13th-century mediaeval Europe to accommodate the mentally sick, but there were no nurses to look after them and treatment was infrequently given. These establishments primarily served as a place for the mad to live. The entire high point.

Author(s): Ono Elisabeth

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