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Research Article - Biomedical Research (2017) Volume 28, Issue 4

Investigating the anti-sarcoptic mange activity (in vivo) of propolis ointment in naturally infested rabbits

Introduction: Sarcoptes scabiei (S. scabiei) var. cuniculi is the cause of sarcoptic mange in rabbits and results in considerable loss of weight, productivity, and wool quality.

Objective: The efficacy of 10% Propolis (bee glue) ointment on S. scabiei var. cuniculi was evaluated under in vivo conditions in pet rabbits with sarcoptic mange lesions compared to the currently used drug, ivermectin (400 μg/ kg, S/C).

Methods: In the in vivo condition, the efficacies of 10% Propolis ointment, 1% ivermectin (400 μg/kg, S/C), and Propolis ointment in combination with ivermectin were evaluated. Serum factors of the control and treated groups were tested to evaluate the toxic effects of Propolis on the liver.

Results: Topical application of 10% Propolis ointment showed complete recovery from clinical signs and complete absence of mite in microscopic examination from 10-15 days of treatment.

Conclusions: 10% Propolis ointment has antisarcoptic mange effects under in vivo conditions and may be used in clinical applications.

Author(s): Dina Mahmoud Ahmed Metwally

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