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Short Communication - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 5

Intracameral bevacizumab administration in trabeculectomy surgery.

Traditional glaucoma filtration surgery, namely guarded trabeculectomy, remains the most effective surgical method of lowering intraocular pressure and is widely utilized in the treatment of moderate to advanced glaucoma despite the risks associated with the procedure and the tedious follow-up. Surgical success is associated with the ability to predict and/or modulate the wound healing response driving episcleral fibrosis and limiting thereby the effective filtration area. Maintenance of adequate aqueous flow to the subconjunctival space relies on a fine balance between aqueous egress through the trabeculectomy ostium, as determined by the size of the ostium and the resistance provided by the trabeculectomy flap, and the innate ability of the eye to recruit fibroblasts that results in subconjunctival fibrosis

Author(s): Theodoros Filippopoulos

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