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Research Article - Research and Reports in Immunology (2022) Volume 5, Issue 1

In a mouse tumor model, it provided better protection than the standard MVA.

Previous research has found that a recombinant Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus expressing AHSV serotype 4 VP2 (MVA-VP2) elicited virus neutralizing antibodies in horses and protected interferon alpha receptor gene knock-out mice from challenge. Passive transfer of antiserum from MVA-VP2 immune donors to recipient mice afforded complete clinical protection and considerably lowered viraemia, according to follow-up tests. These investigations have been expanded to see if MVA-VP2 vaccine-induced antiserum has a protective effect when given as a challenge. In addition, splenocytes were passively transferred to immunologically naive recipient mice to see if they conferred any immunity. Antisera and splenocytes were obtained from groups of mice that had received MVA-VP2 or wild type MVA vaccinations for passive immunization of recipient animals. Following that, the animals were challenged with AHSV-4 (along with corresponding vaccinated or unvaccinated control animals), and protection was determined by comparing clinical symptoms, mortality, and viraemia between the treatment and control groups. Even in immunized mice, all antiserum recipients demonstrated high illness survival rates and statistically significant reductions in viraemia when compared to the control groups. When comparing mice who received splenocytes from MVA-VP2 vaccinates to those who received splenocytes from MVA-wt vaccinates, the mice who received splenocytes from MVA-VP2 vaccinates showed just a minor reduction in viraemia and only a survival rate. These findings support the notion that protective immunity imparted by MVA-VP2 vaccination is predominantly humoral in origin, and they point to the possibility of using MVA-VP2 specific antiserum as an emergency treatment for AHSV.

Author(s): Amelia Kelly

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