Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism

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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Important elements and Food Safety Culture for developing food safety culture in an organization

A new buzz word “Food safety culture” has become very popular in food processing industries lately. Along with concepts of food safety compliance and conformance, the most discussed concept in food processing industry now a days is “Food safety culture”. One of the very important reasons for it is introduction of the concept of food safety culture as part of the requirements of the standards like BRC, SQF and other GFSI certification schemes. So when organizations start developing food safety culture, they go with developing documentations like SOP, checklists and records for the same. Also when auditor do assessments for food safety culture, food safety culture is judged by system, documentation, checklists and records for monitoring and verification of effectiveness of food safety culture. However I feel food safety culture is a “practical” concept more than a “theoretical” concept. Along with objective evidences of SOPs, checklists and records, the food safety culture will be judged by some practical approach of the organization towards food safety.While developing food safety culture within organization, these factors should be taken into consideration which is responsible for creating strongest and deepest relationships of organization and employees. If people started believing that the organization and top management is interested in their wellbeing, the foundation of the food safety culture strengthens.

Author(s): Sumedha Jalgaonkar

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