Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism

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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Importance of Understand Foods and Water Energy in Prevention of Hospital Infection and Treatment of all kinds of Diseases

 Humanity’s diet has, over the years, been greatly influenced by technological developments in production, agriculture, industry, transport, distribution and consumption of food. The changes in society’s food consumption, with the increase in the consumption of industrialized foods, food outside the home and changes in lifestyle, have resulted in the emergence of new food-related diseases, which include chronic non-communicable diseases such as the case of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.In Western medicine, nutrition studies the composition of food in relation to protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, etc. Whereas in traditional Chinese medicine, food is viewed from an energetic point of view, being separated into Cold, Neutral, Warm and Hot food. Currently, studies show that the measures taken to control nosocomial infections manage to reduce infections by one third, with two thirds still unable to be prevented, as the causes are not yet known. The author of this study proposes, through several congresses presented on hospital infection control and infectious diseases, that currently treated diseases are seen at leaf level when comparing the point of view of Western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine in a representation of the figure of the tree where traditional Chinese medicine looks not only at the leaf, but at the entire tree including its root which is not normally visible to the naked eye. In addition, it takes into account the external pathogenic factors that may be affecting this tree (Wind, Cold, Heat, Dryness and Humidity).Through the treatment of energy imbalances found at the root of the tree, represented by the theories of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements, one of the primary factors for energy rebalancing is the use of the right food for health. Following the thoughts of Hippocrates who says that we owe our food as our medicine and our medicine as our food. Water, the main component of the human body, also plays a major role in maintaining health. The author, through various scientific publications, affirms the need to ingest the water at a temperature that does not cause an energy imbalance in the Spleen-pancreas meridian, and should be ingested at a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and, thus, prevent the beginning of formation and maintenance various diseases, infectious or non-infectious such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, pain in general, etc.In this study the author will present the various works already published by her on the treatment of various diseases and the importance of adequate food and water in the prevention and treatment of these diseases. Keywords: Food, water, energy, hospital infection, diseases, traditional Chinese medicine, Hippocrates

Author(s): Huang Wei Ling

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