Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation

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Research Article - Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation (2017) Volume 1, Issue 1

Implementation analysis of technical-economic solar and wind energy potential for small homes: a case study.

One of the best way to reduce of greenhouse gas using of renewable energy actually renewable energies are as the best solution to reducing of global warming and it needs to reducing of fossil fuels. Country of Iran has a high potential in renewable energy such as solar, wind energy that can with a regular program use of them. The aim of this study is the analysis and assessment of solar and wind energy potentials in Zanjan city of Iran. At first, the required data from the national meteorological organization have been obtained and analyzed. A analysis has been carried out by HOMER software leads to the conclusion that, though installing large scale wind turbines is not feasible for the studied site; its solar potential would offset the wind’s shortfall. The result for solar energy radiation shows the potential of solar energy is sufficient for Zanjan likewise due to good wind speed in Zanjan area, can be say this city has a privilege in renewable energies.

Author(s): Ali Razmjoo, Afshin Davarpanah*, Mohammadreza S Heibati

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