Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation

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Research Article - Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

Impact of sewage on physico-chemical water quality of Tawi River in Jammu city.

Pure water is on of the priceless, indispensable and primary drivers of public health. Drinking water quality is an issue of concern for human health in developing as well as in developed countries all over the world. Quality supply of drinking water to the public is very essential for health and welfare, whereas, deteriorated water quality poses a key risk to health and human well-being. Despite massive outlays for drinking water and sanitation in India, access to safe drinking water remains a challenge. Modernization has led to production of wastes which corrode our environment, and as the day go on development increases and leads to addition of more and more harmful products in our environment. Our water bodies suffer most, large amount of sewage water (waste-water) is being released from towns, urban and rural areas. River Tawi being one of the important river in Jammu and Kashmir has been degraded in recent years which has serious impact on the water availability especially in Jammu city. Water samples were analysed for various physical and chemical parameters. It was found that the various input sights of sewage that enters into River Tawi badly effect the quality of water and make it unfit for domestic use. The overall study shows that sewage intrusion from Gujar Nagar to Prem Nagar affects the quality of the river water and raises values of certain parameters like pH, DO, EC, temperature, etc.

Author(s): Baba Uqab*, Anita Singh, Syeed Mudasir

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