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Abstract - Research and Reports in Immunology (2021) Volume 4, Issue 5

Immunomodulatory affects and functional role of bioaerosols in pulmonary - respiratory disorders and develop new mitigation strategies using genetically modified T cells and antibiofilm peptides

Bengaluru city has been experiencing a rise in air pollution, particularly with high levels of particulate matter 10 (PM10),

which is attributed as a prominent cause for various respiratory ailments in humans. The etiology of bioaerosol-related

pulmonary diseases remains poorly understood. Recently, urban particulate matter (UPMs) derived bioaerosols emerged as

prominent airborne components of environments, but the consequences of airway exposure to different human pulmonary

and respiratory disorders remain unknown. Since the components of isolates can be immunogenic, we initiated a case study


Author(s): Pongali B Raghavendra and Mohana Sundaram

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