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Short Communication - Journal of Nutrition and Human Health (2021) Volume 5, Issue 2

Flax Seeds and Its Health Benefits for Human Health: Short Communication

Flax is a food and fiber crop with golden yellow to reddish brown seeds. These seeds contain phytoestrogens, which are similar to the hormone estrogen. The seeds also contain soluble fiber and oil. Flaxseed oil contains the essential omega-3 fatty acid alphalinolenic acid (ALA). Flaxseed is used for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, breast pain (mastalgia), and swelling (inflammation) of the kidneys in people with lupus and also many other conditions.

Among all the reliable methods of weight loss, flaxseeds are one of the most effective foods that help in weight loss. Flax seeds are enriched with fibre, Omega 3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants, hence aids in weight loss.

Author(s): Mohammed K Al-Khusaibi

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