Journal of Nutrition and Human Health

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Commentary - Journal of Nutrition and Human Health (2021) Volume 5, Issue 7

Commentary on Food Production

Our general public faces a tremendous test to take care of, house, and give a solid life to the developing human populace while safeguarding the climate and normal assets to assist people in the future. To address these difficulties, manageable food creation and natural stewardship is central and will require a One Health approach. One Health is the idea that the soundness of people, creatures, and the climate are inseparably connected. This methodology can be applied to food handling, supportable food creation, and ecological stewardship by uniting interdisciplinary groups to make a One Health organization to address these difficulties. There is a requirement for a comprehensive and efficient way to deal with taking care of these issues by amassing multidisciplinary groups made out of specialists from scholarly, industry and government offices.

Author(s): Sai Shradha

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