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Short Communication - Journal of Public Health and Nutrition (2018) Volume 1, Issue 4

Calculate weights of raw-ingredients that go into customized menus for the day, to prescribe recommended grams of glucogenic-carbohydrate, fiber,protein and fat, instead of counting calories.

India is experiencing an enigmatic situation where the greatest numbers of people go hungry and yet there is an exponential growth in the prevalence of diabetes and pre diabetes in every strata of society. Why are traditional Indian diets, the foods that are available to the poor, and the diets recommended by health professionals failing? Large scale studies looking into the grams of macronutrients eaten per day in the cuisines of the 36 ethnic regions of India are the need of the day for without them it is assumed that diabetes in India is caused by the same culprits identified in the west: sugar, white flour, potatoes and processed foods. The scale of the task is so enormous that it is practically inconceivable. The lack of these studies does not permit the writing of a full-fledged scientific article and therefore only a brief communication is possible. However, every social class in India cooks their daily food from scratch. The diabetes they are developing is not only from processed foods and sugars. Randomized control trials are very expensive and difficult to conduct. The way out is to prepare several traditional menus-for-the-days for each region, de constructs them into the weights of raw ingredients to be used. These weights can be adjusted to deliver the grams of macronutrients per day deemed ideal for the patient by his health care professional. In such a system the patients are free to cook their meals in the styles they are used to. All they will have to get used to is eating their regular combinations of foods in marginally different proportions.

Author(s): Manoshi Bhattacharya

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