Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism

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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2020) Volume 0, Issue 0

Body Alkalization Health Benefits: Proven Evidences Based on Laboratory Experiments on Humans

Human blood is slightly alkaline and cells in the human body require a balanced alkaline environment to function healthily. The pH in the human body is mainly dictated by residues that remain after chemical reactions from cell respiration processes have taken place following food consumption. Cells burn nutrient molecules, forming alkaline or acidic waste residues thatmay have a very different pH to their parent food. Body alkalization can improve health levels and prevent certain diseases. Experiments have revealed that an acidic environment within the body can cause mutation of normal cells - contributing to the development of some cancers. Conversely, an oxygen-rich alkaline environment can inhibit cancer cell growth and maintain healthy cells. Statistical data also demonstrates lower cancer rates among people with alkaline diets.Several studies have been performed regarding this subject, which to date, have been inconclusive regarding relationship between diet and pH in human body. This paper presents laboratory experiments to prove the mechanisms that alter pH in humans. Candidates follow specific diets over a set duration - at the end of each stage, blood pH and concentration of gases are measured in arteries and veins. Analysis indicates conclusive relationships between diet, blood pH and oxygen concentration with established correlation. Furthermore, some diets are identified that provide alkaline conditions and significantly increased oxygen concentrations

Author(s): Hassan Bahrami

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