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Research Article - Journal of Industrial and Environmental Chemistry (2023) Volume 7, Issue 2

Artificial rainmaking in large scale by laser system onboard aircraft

A number of scientific and practical tests have been conducted in cloud chambers and in the atmosphere to prove this hypothesis, that “Laser can induce condensation and water drops can be formed in laboratory cloud chambers as well as in the atmosphere”. Innovative Rainmaking technology is scientifically and practically proven in Laboratory clouds chamber and in the atmosphere. A laser beam has to be shot into the cloud region of the atmosphere to create high temperature. This high temperature will break the bonds of N2 and O2 molecules of the atmosphere and produce N and O atoms. These atoms will be in excited state (N*, O*). They are very unstable and come to stable ground state through endothermic reactions by sucking heat from the cloud region. As a result, temperature of the cloud region decreases, condensation takes place, seeds are created, and it rains. IRRA Scientist to start with have suggested a laser system of following specification is suggested to create artificial rain: 1012watt, 800nm, 500mJ, 120fs and 10Hz by Air craft for artificial rain in large scale, direct Laser shot into the cloud region of the atmosphere.

Author(s): SK Chopkar*, DK. Chakrabarty

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