Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases

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Case Report - Journal of Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

Antimicrobials, disc diffusion, haramaya, salmonella, susceptibility as a treatment dystocia in cat.

En bloc ovariohysterectomy is the technique that involves ovariohysterectomy before hysterectomy and removal of the neonates were performed as treatment of dystocia on a dog and cat. A 5-year-old local breed queen with a history of four parity presented Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Addis Ababa University College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture for having difficulty giving birth. As the owner complained that the queen gave birth to one dead kitten 14 hrs before then the queen straining frequently but with no progress. Before surgery, all physical parameters were evaluated. The queens’ rectal temperature was subnormal (37.80 c) attended with a distended abdomen, straining, and vaginal discharge of offensive odor. The surgery was performed aseptically under general anesthesia. A midline incision behind the umbilicus approximately 10 cm long midline incision was made to enable easy exteriorization of the uterus. The operative procedure for these cases including post-operative care and postoperative complication was described in a case report. The queen was recovered with minimal complication.

Author(s): Dese Kefyalew1, Abebe Fromsa2, Yemsrach Wubayehu2, Feyera Gemeda1*

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