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Perspective - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2022) Volume 6, Issue 2

An overview on the ocular surface pain.

Ocular surface irritation is a common reason for visits to an eye care provider and has a significant influence on healthcare costs; nevertheless, many eye clinics lack a thorough grasp of its aetiology and diagnostic tools. The cornea has the most sensory innervation of any organ in the human body and has the potential to be a formidable pain generator. Pain can be caused by a noxious stimulus or a disturbance in the eye surface architecture (nociceptive pain), or it might be caused by abnormalities in the ocular surface neurosensory apparatus itself (neurosensory pain) (neuropathic pain). Novel discoveries in neurobiology have aimed to distinguish between the two entities, particularly to determine when persistent dry eye symptoms are caused by neuropathic ocular discomfort.

Author(s): Shamim Ahmad

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