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Case Report - Journal of Clinical Dentistry and Oral Health (2019) Volume 3, Issue 1

An interdisciplinary treatment approach of a unilateral cleft lip and palate adult: A case report

An adult female patient, age 36 years, with a mild convex profile, operated unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP), severe crowded upper anterior, partially edentulous was referred for orthodontic treatment. After a detailed review of her pretreatment records, both surgical and non-surgical treatment plans were presented to the patient, who opted for a non-surgical interdisciplinary approach. Patient’s 3-dimensional malocclusion required decrowding and derotation of upper anterior, periodontal and prosthodontics consultations and treatment. In addition to comprehensive orthodontic therapy, MBT prescription 0.022 × 0.028 “appliances were used to level, align and to establish a Class I relationship. After the orthodontic treatment, a combined periodontal and prosthodontics approach was used to enhance the patients esthetic and functional outcomes. The treatment goals of establishing proper occlusion, normal function, better esthetics, and a stable relationship was achieved. The purpose of this clinical case presentation is to demonstrate that an interdisciplinary treatment approach can significantly improve the transverse and antero-posterior discrepancies and achieve a satisfactory occlusion with a balanced soft tissue profile in adult patients with UCLP.

Author(s): Rajesh Murugan Ramachandra, Manjula WS, Kannan MS, Nithya Murugan

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