Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism

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Abstract - Insights in Nutrition and Metabolism (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0


 In the context of Food Process technology, there is a continuous requirement for the generation and scale up of Novel Product Development in the quest for Holistic Wellness Management. Food and its univocal synergy with Disease is so well documented scientifically, that it is now almost a cliché. Dietary interventions are needed in preventive, curative and managerial stances in the context of disease. Hence, plant products are constantly being studied as viable and promising candidates for Novel Product development. The plant world represents Nature’s true givers and the intricate and exquisitely ramified metabolic profile of plants is both fascinating and a challenging area of research. The rationale of the present research endeavor is to address five otherwise unusual plant products and explore their possible use in the development of convenient and unreservedly acceptable food products with robust health benefits. We have revisited our rich Indian heritage and imbibed the use of these plant products as cited in Vedic Scriptures. The Novel products proposed, have been sensorily evaluated by Trained Organoleptic Panelists for their expertise towards the spearheaded improvement of the simulated Product profile. This exercise was executed through a careful structured Questionnaire which was administered in a Protocol oriented manner. The raw data was appropriately analyzed using the required Biostatistical tools and well-defined conclusions have been arrived at and discussed. Significantly, the research outcome has been instrumental in generating five Novel Food products with a tangible culinary, gastronomical and wellness potential. 

Author(s): Jyoti D. Vora

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