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Research Article - Archives of Industrial Biotechnology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

A project report on Intelli Glove using IOT

In this paper we have a tendency to represent sensible glove for deaf and dumb patient. concerning 9 million individuals within the world are deaf and dumb. The communication between a deaf traditional visual individuals. This creates a really very little area for them with communication being a basic facet of human life. The blind individuals will speak freely by suggests that of traditional language whereas the deaf-dumb have their own manual-visual language referred to as language. language could be a non-verbal kind of intercourse that is found amongst deaf communities in world. The languages don't have a standard origin and therefore troublesome to interpret. The project aims to facilitate individuals by suggests that of a glove primarily based communication interpreter system. The glove is internally equipped with 5 flex sensors. for every specific gesture, the flex device produces a proportional amendment in resistance. The process of those hand gestures is in Arduino uno Board that is Associate in Nursing advance version of the microcontroller and also the LABVIEW software package. It compares the signaling with predefined voltage levels hold on in memory. per that needed sound is made that is hold on is memory with the assistance of speaker. In such some way it's simple for deaf and dumb to speak with traditional individuals.

Author(s): Shubham Suman*, Raj Kumar, Sujeet Kumar

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