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Research Article - Journal of Clinical Ophthalmology (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

A descriptive study to assess the knowledge regarding home care management of cataract surgery among postoperative patients.

The descriptive study was carried out find the effectiveness postoperative care. Simple random sampling was used, 30 male and female subjects with cataract patient admitted in Balaji hospital Hospital, Chennai-45. Data was analyzed with descriptive statistical method. The findings of the study shows that there is 40% had inadequate knowledge, 53.4% moderate knowledge and 6.6% had adequate knowledge regarding cataract patient. The living bodies have been characterized with a number of automated processes, which make them self-sustainable in the natural environment. Among these many processes is that of reproduction, adjustment with external environment, and instinct to live, which are gifted by nature to living beings. The research findings show that adult population had inadequate knowledge about cataract patient.

Author(s): Muthupriya, AR Bharathi

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