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Research Article - Biology & Medicine Case Reports (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

A computational approach to identify microRNA (miRNA) based biomarker from the regulation of disease pathology

 In the post genomic era, identification of a potential miRNA in a computational approach for the significance of a discovery of systemic biomarker to treat diseases is a challenging task to execute. The challenge was addressed by identifying the associate genes from Pubmed, OMIM and DisgeNet and it was followed by identifying the miRNAs and transcription factors of associate target genes from RegNetworks. In the next step, a miRNA based regulatory network was constructed on the basis of association between gene-miR-TFs. Finally, the network was analyzed on the basis of statistical studies and miRNA based compatibility to identify a potential miRNA to be utilized as a biomarker to treat diseases in future. In this article, the computational approach was used for the identification of a miRNA based systemic biomarker in Psoriasis and in future this approach can also be used for other diseases.

Author(s): Anandaram H

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