Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications

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Research Paper - Journal of Chemical Technology and Applications (2018) Volume 2, Issue 1

A compact, algebraic formulation of disproportionation and symproportionation in Bromine systems.

Numerous examples of disproportionation and symproportionation of bromine in dynamic redox systems are resolved according to GATES/GEB principles and represented graphically by the functions E = E(Φ) and pH = pH(Φ) of the fraction titrated Φ, and completed by dynamic speciation diagrams log zi ( ) i i log ??X ?? = ? Φ , for different species zi i X . The results of calculations can be considered from the viewpoint of relative efficiency of the competing reactions, on different steps of the titration procedure. The idea of linear combination of the balances related to electrolytic systems (aqueous media) is presented in context of GEB formulation GEB according to Approach II. Oxidation number, oxidant, reductant, are perceived as derivative (not primary) concepts within GATES/GEB. The equivalency of Approaches I and II to GEB is also proved.

Author(s): Anna M. Micha?owska-Kaczmarczyk, Tadeusz Micha?owski*

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